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Bird Basics

Red-Breasted Nuthatch

( Sitta canadensis )


Like other nuthatches, the Red-Breasted moves quickly down trees searching for tasty grubs and insects.  In fact, the Red-Breasted Nuthatch is much more agile than its cousins and often seems to "flit" through the trees.  The male and female are vocal, but you need to listen closely to hear their constant chatter. 


Nuthatches begin searching for nesting sites in early April.  They are cavity birds, excavating a hole in a dead tree or limb, or claiming an abandoned woodpecker's nest.  They line the nest with various grasses and plant fibers.  The male and female takes turns during incubation of as many as six eggs.  After a 12-day incubation, the parents fly busily back and forth with fresh insects and seeds for their young.  The fledglings leave the nest 18-21 days later.


Nuthatches are found from Northwestern Canada to California, in the Great Lakes states and in the northeast US.


Nuthatches consume both seeds, nuts and insects.  They prefer pine seeds and will pry open pinecones to extract the tiny seeds.  They will come to a feeder for Black Oils, chopped peanuts and suet.  During the warm months, they feast on insects and insect eggs, including beetles, wasps, and caterpillars.

listen to the red-breasted nuthatch!

mp3 file generously donated by John Feith