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Wow - May is quite the month!  Hummingbirds and orioles typically return in early May, we have Mother's Day (a great excuse to go shopping at your local All Seasons Wild Bird Store) and of course there's our annual Feeder Swap.

Feeder Swap is exactly what it sounds like: you trade in your old grungy feeder (or maybe that one that Aunt Martha gave you that you just never really liked - you can always say the squirrels got it) and receive 20% off any new feeder. (sorry, this offer cannot be combined with other discounts.)

See our Feeder Swap Flier for more details.

And, if that wasn't incentive enough, we take those old, unwanted feeders, clean them up and donate them the local schools, nature centeres, nursing homes, libraries, you name it.  In all, we donated more than 150 refurbished feeders last year - all thanks to you.

So bring in those old (or unwanted new) feeders and treat yourself and your birds to a nice new feeder this May.

The 2010 Feeder Swap runs May 1st - May 16th.

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