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Bird's-Eye View
Our flagship newsletter, Bird's-Eye View, is a colorful look at seasonal topics, tips for improving your backyard bird habitat, and profiles of backyard birds. Our Bird's-Eye View archive is provided here in a low-res PDF format.

If you don't have Acrobat Reader, you may download it for free from Adobe. Get Adobe Reader

Bird's Eye View


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Guest Authors
Jim Gilbert is a home-grown Minnesota naturalist. He's well-known throughout the state and shares his extensive experience and knowledge via speaking events, radio shows and newspaper columns. We publish his phenology bi-monthly and it’s available here or as a handout in our stores.  Jim's Phenology

Al Batt is humorist, writer and lover of all things natural. He is, of course, Lutheran and lives in southern Minnesota. He was named Birder of the Year by Wild Bird Magazine and even authors several nationally-syndicated comic strips. His insights on nature are heart-warming and humorous and never fail to make one pause to consider the wonder of the world around us.  Al's Musings

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