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Sparrows of all sizes are arriving in great quantities.  Don't write off those Little Brown Birds (or LBB's) as pesky European House Sparrows until you've looked closer.  Depending on where you live and the habitat, you could have Fox Sparrows, which are the largest of all sparrows and are easily ID'd by their furious scratching at the ground with both feet.  Other sparrows include these beautiful singers: white-crowned and white-throated; the well-dressed, black-cravated Harris Sparrow; and the streaked Song Sparrow whose sweet voice fills the evening hours.  Provide a seed that includes white millet to keep these ground feeders happy.  Joe's Mix is a great solution to feeding these unique sparrows while still pleasing your resident cardinals, chickadees and nuthatches.

Bluebirds are back; clean out your boxes and nail them back up if you dismantle them over the winter.  Start providing tasty mealworms now to encourage the bluebirds to nest nearby.  All of our stores carry these mighty morsels that are packed with protein.  Cardinals and others love these tasty worms as well.  Learn more about how to attract and keep bluebirds on your property.