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Father and son owners Al (right) and Dave Netten

All Seasons is a family-run business focusing on meeting the needs of backyard birders and wildlife watchers.

From a single store in 1991, to five stores covering the greater Twin Cities metro area, All Seasons is a unique shopping experience, highlighting the joys of backyard bird and wildlife feeding.

By delivering the best products in feeders, pole systems, books and their exclusive seed mixes like Joe’s Mix, All Seasons will satisfy the needs of beginners and experts alike.  (read more about the creation of our most popular seed: Joe's Mix)

Through our online store at and our local stores, we hope to meet your backyard bird feeding needs.  The five Twin Cities stores are individually managed and as such, stock varying products from store to store.  Due to different systems, our online site has a wider selection and different prices from our local area stores.  The local stores are able to order products that you see online, or you may phone in orders to 866.72BIRDS  (722.4737) if you do not wish to order via the internet.

The Yankee Flipper is a popular item sold at All Seasons.  Finally - a squirrel proof feeder!

The staff at All Seasons are incomparable to other bird stores. Al and Dave Netten, father and son owners, take pride in the fact that they hire “bird people” to staff and manage their stores. Authors and state top-bird listers are just part of the knowledgeable team gathered to help solve your backyard birding issues.