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Nyjer Bird Seed 
Finches of all kinds will flock to bird feeders filled with fresh Nyjer seed.  Often mistakenly called "thistle" seed, Nyjer seed is from Eastern Africa and will NOT germinate into the common Thistle plant most people associate it with.  Goldfinches, buntings, red polls, house finches and Pine Siskins especially love Nyjer seed and it's fairly common to see chickadees grab some Nyjer seeds just for a change of palate.

Two things about Nyjer seed:  1) it must be fresh.  Good quality Nyjer seed should be a shiny black color, reflecting that it's still holding its natural oils.  Shelf-fatigued Nyjer will be a brownish color and dusty and your birds will not eat it as readily.   2) it must be kept dry.   Damp Nyjer seed will be refused by your birds and will quickly mold.  If you're having problems with this, try the new Feeder Fresh product in your feeder.  It'll absorb the condensation that can be created by warm summer days and cooler nights.

We guarantee our Nyjer seed 100%, as with all our other bird seeds.  

UPS ground shipping is included in our listed on-line price and does not reflect out in-store pricing.


TEST 5 lbs. Nyjer Finch Seed - UPS Ground Shipping Included5 lbs.$24.99
TEST 10 lbs. Nyjer Finch Seed - UPS Ground Shipping Included10 lbs.$34.99
TEST 20 lbs. Nyjer Finch Seed - UPS Ground Shipping Included20 lbs.$59.99
TEST 30 lbs. Nyjer Finch Seed - UPS Ground Shipping Included30 lbs.$84.99