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Pressed Corn Logs 
Use these pressed logs instead of cob corn on any squirrel or wildlife feeder.  Each log is 16 ounces, a full pound, of solid pressed food and you get two logs per package.  Each is equivalent to 12-14 cobs of  corn!  If you really go through the cobs these are the way to go.

There are two varieties:  The standard sweet corn logs or the nut and corn logs.  Give the nut corn logs a try to give your squirrels a special treat!

The logs have a small hole from end to end for mounting on all types of cob feeders.

Note for shipping; each package contains two 16oz logs and so weighs two full pounds.
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TEST Sweet Corn Logs32oz$7.99
TEST Nut and Sweet Corn Logs32oz$7.99