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Bye-Bye Starling Specialty Bird Seed 
For many backyard birdfeeders, the influx of starlings during the summer can be the dreaded end of offering your favorite birdseed to your backyard regulars.  Bye-Bye Starling is the answer!  The special seed mix contains safflower and premium black oiler as well as striped sunflower seeds to prevent starlings from taking over your feeders.  The trick to this is that starlings' beaks aren't strong enough to crack the sunflower and safflower hulls.  Your songbirds have beaks designed to crack seed hulls, starlings have much softer, less specialized beaks.  Offer nothing they can readily eat and see no more starlings at your feeder!

Birds who enjoy Bye-Bye Starling include your backyard favorites:  Jays, cardinals, chickadees, grosbeaks, nuthatches, finches and woodpeckers.  Basically, everything but starlings!

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TEST 10 lbs. Bye Bye Starling Free Ground UPS Shipping10 lbs.$24.99
TEST 20 lbs. Bye Bye Starling Free Ground UPS Shipping20 lbs.$39.99
TEST 30 lbs. Bye Bye Starling Free Ground UPS Shipping30 lbs.$54.99
TEST 40 lbs. Bye Bye Starling Free Ground UPS Shipping40 lbs.$69.99