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Joe's Mix Specialty Bird Seed 

Years ago in one of the first All Seasons stores, Joe the manager created a seed mix to use in his own feeders.  After trial and error he came upon the perfect mix of premium black oilers, striped sunflowers, safflower seed, peanuts and a touch of cracked corn and white millet.

His friends started asking about his "specialty mix" and one thing lead to another and the next thing you know, "Joe's Mix" was created!

It's now our most popular selling specialty mix and birds of nearly all types love it: chickadees, cardinals, blue jays, nuthatches, finches, woodpeckers and even the migrating sparrows and indigo buntings will enjoy the white millet seed.  (don't confuse premium white millet seed with the red milo or yellow and red millet used as fillers in inexpensive seed mixes)

As with all our other seeds, premium quality comes first in all our mixes.  The very best black oilers and freshest peanut pickouts are used.

Use Joe's in: sunflower tube feeders, hopper feeders and platform or fly-through feeders. 

UPS ground shipping is included in our listed online price and does not reflect our in-store pricing.

TEST 10 lbs. Joe's Mix - UPS Ground Shipping Included10 lbs.$33.99
TEST 20 lbs. Joe's Mix - UPS Ground Shipping Included20 lbs.$59.99
TEST 30 lbs. Joe's Mix - UPS Ground Shipping Included30 lbs.$84.99


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