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All Natural Suet Plugs 
These all-natural suet plugs are made right here in Minnesota and contain the freshest ingredients, and are even enhanced with nutritional vitamins and minerals for your birds.

Designed specifically to fit suet logs, these suet plugs also may be used in the square suet cage feeders - just don't separate them and drop them right in!

For best results when using them with suet logs, store them at room temperature and while filling the log smash the logs down a bit until they fill your log openings completely (otherwise the birds' pecking will push them right out!).

Each packet contains three suet plugs.  We ship minimum quantities of two packs per order.

These unflavored or "natural" plugs are great to use if squirrels hanging on your suet logs are a problem.  Squirrels don't like the taste as much and will leave them for your birds enjoyment.  Don't worry about the birds: they'll enjoy any flavor you choose.  It's the nutritional value that matters for your feathered friends!

Minimum order:  2 packets.
Price: $4.69
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